Flamingos Baseball-Berlin


If you are looking for a club which is well organized, full of friendly people and gives you a helping hand if needed you are all right with the Flamingos.

Our club is Berlin-wide known for its youth teams and the strong commitment towards the club. The club is known as „The Familiy“ and that´s exactly what it means to be with the Flamingos. Events and Games nearly alternate from week to week, so if you like to you can have baseball every week. Besides there are adult teams also so every categorie of age is covered. Every team plays in its own league and competion is provided.

Right now we are seeking a cooperation with Little League in Berlin.

Our field is in the north of Berlin. The district is Reinickendorf. The field is located at Königshorster Straße. Check our webpage for more information http://www.frohnau-flamingos.de/ . Please feel free to use the contact emailadress.

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